Creating A Safe & Healthy Community

Armond created the Crime Gun Lab to get dangerous weapons off the street and put violent criminals behind bars. He also expanded treatment options for residents suffering from opioid addiction and mental health issues.

Investing In Our Future

During his first term, Armond more than doubled the number of children attending Pre-Kindergarten and worked to protect MetroHealth’s Life Flight,  burn unit, and Level One Trauma Care by investing in the rebuild of the Main Campus Hospital.

Advocating For Seniors

Armond put a stop to scams against the elderly and increased penalties for businesses taking advantage of consumers. Armond also invested in services that support medical care and transportation for the elderly.

Creating Jobs & Opportunity For All

Opportunities for all are critical to economic growth. Armond launched hundreds of small businesses – over 70% owned by women and 50% owned by minorities – and programs that provide a pathway from poverty to prosperity.

Protecting Your Right To Vote

Armond opposed voter purges and fought to preserve the right to vote by mail and when Columbus tried to take away voting rights of 18 year olds, he fought back and stopped the attempt.