Jobs & Opportunities For All

Armond believes a key factor in ensuring economic security for all is access to good paying jobs. He has helped launch hundreds of small businesses that have created jobs and prosperity in Cuyahoga County.

Protecting Voter & Civil Rights

Voting rights are sacred and that’s why they are a priority for Armond. He has opposed voter purges and fought to preserve the right to vote by mail and he fought back when Columbus tried to take away 18 year olds’ right to vote.

Investing In Our Future

Armond knows that the future of our county and our state depends on our kids having access to quality education. Under Armond’s leadership the number of children attending Pre-Kindergarten more than doubled.

Criminal Justice

Cuyahoga County is leading the way in providing educational and training opportunities for inmates so they have the knowledge and skills to lead a productive life upon their release.